A Home Energy Assessment – the newest addition to your home inspection – Energy Raven

What’s a home energy assessment?

 We started Energy Raven because we’re home owners too.  And we’ve been through the process of getting so excited about a new home and then finding out a few surprises on the other side. With energy prices rising, new tax credits and rebates becoming available and new technologies for heating and cooling your home,  we’ve come up with a simple way to take data about the systems powering the home  and map it to provide you with a snapshot of how it performs. So, when you are making the decision on your next home you have another tool and information to help guide you.

What’s the difference between an energy audit and an energy assessment?

A traditional energy audit can cost up to $1000, takes 3-4 hours to perform, and can be challenging to schedule. Energy Raven is an  energy assessment, carried out at the same time as the home inspection. The best part? It’s a living dashboard – so if you want to come back to it later you  can and it updates in real time so information about tax credits, incentives and rebates are never out of date.  Energy Raven is property specific, takes less time & needs no equipment than an energy audit or score and  gives customers the insights they want:

  • Estimated energy use today
  • Ways to prioritize upgrades and a roadmap to reducing energy consumption
  • Step by step guide to unlocking financial incentives to offset system upgrade costs
  • Solar and EV charging  feasibility details


How does Energy Raven work?

When you are getting your home inspection done you add an Energy Raven analysis to the list. The inspector looks at the systems powering the home and gathers the data and we do the rest. After a few days, when you receive your home inspection report you’ll also receive an email with a link to your live, personalized dashboard.

What does the dashboard show?

Pretty much everything you could want to learn about the operating systems of the home. An estimate of how much it costs to run today, tips and ideas for how to save, a look at the systems powering the home so you can understand when they might need to be replaced, if your home is solar or EV ready and ways to unlock money from tax credits and rebates. We’ve done the hard work for you so your home will be energy efficient, economical and healthier too.