How an Energy Analysis from Energy Raven helps home buyers – Energy Raven

Adding an Energy Raven analysis to your home inspection is helpful for many reasons. As we collectively strive to reduce our carbon footprint and create more energy-efficient homes, understanding the consumption and efficiency of a property becomes important.  Until now there has been no seamless way to review the energy systems powering the home before you buy it. Energy Raven solves that. By adding an energy analysis or audit to your home inspection you can get insights in the energy performance of the home and much more.

Cost Savings: Energy efficiency directly translates into cost savings. Energy Raven’s audit can identify where energy is being waster, such as inefficient insulation, air leaks or appliances nearing the end of their useful lives. Potential homebuyers can evaluate the costs of potential upgrades and repairs needed after purchase. No more sticker shock!

Health and Comfort: The Energy Raven report goes beyond savings. It looks at the overall indoor air quality of a home. Identifying things like poor ventilation or excessive humidity which can lead to mold.  Potential buyers can factor in the comfort level when considering purchase.

Home Value: Not only do energy efficient homes have a higher market value, an audit that outlines those that don’t can be used as a negotiating tool to reduce the asking price of a home. For the first time buyers can factor in the requirement to replace major appliances and use that as a bargaining chip. 

Unlock Free Money: On almost all levels Governments are offering tax credits, rebates and more to encourage energy efficiency in the home. Energy Raven’s analysis not only shows this but also advises how to access these programs. Incentives offered can significantly offset the cost of energy-efficient upgrades and help make them more financially feasible. 

Environmental Impact: As climate change continues, learning about ways to minimize impact is becoming more important. Home buyers can see areas for improvement and learn about things like solar power readiness and EV options or geothermal heating systems.

A long-term plan: Energy Raven’s energy analysis helps potential buyers make a long term strategic plan to enhance efficiency over time. This may involve upgrading items such as insulation, installing energy-efficient appliances or implementing renewable energy systems. This can improve performance and adds to the value of the property over time.