Tips for Winterizing Your Home – Energy Raven

The clocks have changed, the days are shorter and temperatures have definitely dropped. Yes, it’s time to prepare your home for the winter chill.  While it may seem obvious that ensuring your home is warm, draft-free and ready to face the chilly months ahead is necessary for comfort, it is also key to saving money on energy bills. And with energy prices rising and news about unstable grids, now is the perfect time to plan and prepare for a cozy and economical winter season.

Step 1: Check for leaks and drafts.  A simple step but one that can significantly reduce heat loss and make your home energy efficient. It’s surprisingly simple to test as well as the temperatures drop. Simply check around doors and windows and then seal any gaps or cracks with weatherstripping,  caulk or draft stoppers.

Step 2: Check your insulation. Insulating properly is key to warmth in the home. Annual inspections for gaps or damage should be carried out in the attic and walls. Crawl spaces should also be checked as well as basements. Options for adding insulation are numerous and can be carried out effectively without major disruption.

Step 3: Service your heating system. If you already had an Energy Raven report undertaken you’ll know all about your heating system – when it needs service and when it may be at the end of its useful life.  Servicing it before the season starts is essential for an efficient, safe and cost effective system. Replacing air filters and checking for leaks is simple and can make a real difference to your home’s comfort.

Step 4: Consider a programmable thermostat. There are many options to choose from and a programmable thermostat allows schedules to be set, stopping or lowering heat in areas of the home not used regularly, while not home or while sleeping. You can also lock them, preventing changes and ensuring a set temperature that is warm but efficient all season long.

Simple but powerful steps can make your winter season cozy, comfy and healthier too.