Unlock $ To Offset Energy Upgrades In Your Home – Energy Raven

Did you know there is over $9 billion available for homeowners to offset the cost of energy upgrades? But a recent survey showed 71% of Americans are not aware of the money they can access. We’re here to help unpack what you can get and show you how we’ve made it simple for you to understand what you can claim.

The Inflation Reduction Act is a legislative initiative that aims to curb inflation and provide an opportunity for homeowners to channel funds into sustainable and energy-efficient projects. This presents a great opportunity to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable and ensure long term savings, while offsetting your initial outlay. 

Homeowners can use the funds from the Inflation Reduction Act to undertake a variety of energy projects, including:

  • Solar Panels 
  • Energy-Efficient Appliance Upgrades
  • Smart Home Technologies
  • Insulation and Weatherization 

That’s exactly why our Energy Raven Report is a game-changer. When Energy Raven is included in your home inspection, your inspector gathers extra data points. We create a comprehensive, AI-powered report using this data offering you a unique and straightforward dashboard to:

  • Help you understand energy use today – and plan for how to make necessary updates
  • Show you ways to save money 
  • Learn about the solar  and EV readiness of your property 

But probably most interesting of all is we give you property specific information about how much you can access at your address in credits, rebates and grants to offset these costs. We’ve literally done the hard work for you and we show you on your live dashboard.

The potential for making your home more energy-efficient, comfortable and less costly to run is huge. But these incentives won’t last forever so act quickly.

Ask your home inspector to include Energy Raven in your home inspection today.